Kenwood NEXEDGE Telephone Interconnect Adaptor

Kenwood NEXEDGE Telephone Interconnect Adaptor

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  • Kenwood Enables a telephone interconnect function with the NXR-700/800 NEXEDGE Repeaters in Trunking mode
  • Connects NEXEDGE trunking systems to a PSTN/PABX network via a Telco unit such as a Zetron M30/M35/735 or similar. (M35/735 for EU/non-EU use, M30 for non-EU only)
  • Customizable DTMF Command set and Tone Timer for Telco
  • Up to 100 phone lines per system, 6 per site
  • Telephone interconnect for NEXEDGE Conventional network (Future option)
  • Upgradeable Firmware and FPU setting via IP Remote Access
  • Powered by the NXR-700/800 - no need for an additional power supply


Compatible with NXR-700, NXR-800, NXR-900
Current drain Max. 200mA Operating Temperature -30 °C ~ + 60 °C Voltage Range 10.8 V ~ 15.9 V DC Dimensions (W x H x D)
106 x 32 x 125 mm Weight 560g

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