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Midland G6 XT Licence Free Radio - Twin Pack

Midland G6 XT Licence Free Radio - Twin Pack

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The Midland G6 xt is the first small and practical device that can operate in 2 different working modes which are standard mode with all the functions of a traditional pmr446 transceiver, or in baby sitter mode with only the specific function for the baby monitor use enabled. As well as its light weight and ultra compact design the G6 xt combines all the functions that you would expect to see on the latest and most advanced two way radio transceivers with the easy and specific use of the baby sitter mode. If the radio is set into baby sitter mode all the other traditional functions are disabled and the transceiver works only as baby monitor which allows some specific functions for monitoring the baby.



  • Keypad Lock
  • Auto power save
  • Low battery indicator
  • VOX adjustable on 3 levels + Vox Talk Back
  • CALL with 5 selectable tones
  • SCAN
  • Monitor
  • Out of Range
  • Roger beep
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Operates with: Battery pack (or 4 AAA batteries opt.)
  • Audio accessory jack: 2 Pin
  • Baby Sitting function with dedicated channels

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