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3M PELTOR Optime Push to Listen Ear Muff Headband

3M PELTOR Optime Push to Listen Ear Muff Headband

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The 3M Peltor Optime Push to Listen addresses one of the strongest needs at workplaces that require higher levels of hearing protection by allowing communication with colleagues without having to remove or lift the earmuff cups from the ear thus avoiding the risk of hearing impairment. It is an electronic passive muff which has one passive side and one electronic side. Simply push the button to listen, opening up the earmuff for communication. The electronic function automatically shuts off after 30 seconds and can be manually adjusted to close earlier if needed. Also available in high viz green for workers who need hearing protection and be extra visible.


  • Listen and communicate at the touch of a button.
  • Surround sound listening with level-dependent attenuation.
  • Automatic shut-off (30 seconds) or when button is pressed.
  • Available in Headband and Helmet Mounted versions.

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