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3M Tri-Flange Cotton Cord Pod Plugs

3M Tri-Flange Cotton Cord Pod Plugs

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The 3M E-A-R Tri-Flange Earplugs feature soft, flexible flanges that adapt to the shape of the ear canal to form a triple-seal against noise. The plastic 'LiveWire' stem allows for quick, clean and optimal insertion for effective protection.


  • Bright, vibrant colour appeals to the younger wearer.
  • Soft flexible flanges conform to the shape of ear canal thus providing effective seal.
  • Ergonomically designed stem for easy insertion and removal of the ear plug.
  • One size fits majority wearers.
  • Good attenuation (SNR 29dB) that meets the need of majority of industrial application.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Cotton corded Earplugs.

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